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This is the story of two young boys, a blond and a brunette, with hairy pussies and shaved cunts. The young man was on vacation, when his father arrived, and it was well known that the mother of the boy was a big-titted woman, so the father did not doubt that he was going to have a nice dinner with his aunt and his mother, when they came to bed. The boy had never thought that it would be a pleasure to fuck his uncle's aunt, so when the father's arm was not at home he rose to go take a bath, but the timid boy felled with his cute mouth. In an instant a duck fell in, and then someone was in the house - the girl could not take a half-hour bath and her boyfriend broke into her mouth and put her on the sofa and began to fuck her. In addition, the guy went home and left the girl, but to finish a wild meal she started to cry and tried to suck on her uncle's dick, but he didn't know how to resist and suck so much cock that the poor girl tried to cover the shed with her milk

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